Used Car

Used car parts: We can help tow,  dismantle and pack your used parts with part labeling and barcode for proper inventory at low cost, making tracking easy for you upon arrival and during sales, call for details.

New Car

Ship your new car with no worries of exterior damage

No Hassle

Wants to ship? don’t worry, we are here to help, ship America will help ship your freight at low cost. we will help you organize and pack your freight nice and neat, we will provide you with all the assistance you need to meet your shipping goals

Freight Include: Car, Car parts, Building Material, Farm Equipment, Food items, clothing and many more…..


Complete Building Materials

Ship any building materials of your choice….need help choosing the materials? we can help you, just call our team of expert for advise.


Car Parts

Bring our car parts, packed or unpack for shipping, we are ready package it nicely and ship safely to the location of your choice.



Have you bought your appliances ready to be shipped or still making decision or need help choosing the right appliance? call us now, we can help you.

Food Items

Let our team of experts organize your food items in good and safe environment for shipping, we will check for expiry dates so you don’t end up through away your food upon arrival.

Ship Clothing

We will organize and ship personal or commercial clothing nice and neat. just tell us how you want them to be sorted and Ship America will take care of the rest.

Pharmaceutical Product

Shipping pharmaceutical product has never been easy, ship America will make it easy for you, let Ship America take care of all the hard work around it leaving you to deal with other issues.